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Thanks for stopping by Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry! We’re committed to providing our patients with exceptional dental care. We dedicate our time and energy to continuing education and passing it on to each individual that visits our practice. We implement the latest technologies and techniques to improve the level of comfort and satisfaction our visitors experience. We’re here to improve lives by increasing the health and confidence of each smile we get to greet. We hope you’ll be one of them!

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    Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry
    Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry
    Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry

    “I recently visited Stephens and Gatewood for a crown to be reseated, and as usual I was made very comfortable by the wonderful staff. They made an appointment for me at short notice and fixed the crown in the same day - at a very inexpensive rate! I am more than grateful for their professionalism, attentiveness, and always cheery disposition. I highly recommend a visit for all your dental needs!” -Mark H.

    Our Comprehensive Services Menu

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      • Bruxism/TMJ Treatment
      • Sedation
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      • Gum Contouring
      • Bonding
      • Teeth Whitening
    • Orthodontics
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      • ClearCorrect
    • Restorative Dentistry
      • Tooth Colored Fillings
      • Root Canal Therapy
      • Dental Crowns
      • Tooth Extractions
    • Prosthetic Dentistry
      • Dental Bridges
      • Partial/Full Dentures
      • Dental Implants
    • Snoring/Sleep Apnea Treatment


    Includes exam and necessary x-rays. No cash value. Cannot be combined with insurance or other offers. Must mention this ad at time of scheduling.

    “I can say that Dr. Stephens will be my dentist for life. His chairside manner is great! His staff are all amazing! They are always kind, happy, and care about your comfort and needs. It’s like visiting old friends. They take all necessary measures to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” -Melanie M.


    At Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry, we’re able to restore your smile in a single appointment. If you have a tooth or multiple teeth with cracks, fractures, wear, or have received a large filling or root canal therapy, we can repair your tooth and prevent further injury or infection with a dental crown.

    The dental crowns of today are made of durable porcelain or zirconia, they’re more comfortable than ever, and they’re nearly indistinguishable from your healthy, natural teeth. Best of all, with CEREC technology, you can get back to smiling confidently in just one day!

    Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry


    Includes exam and necessary x-rays. No cash value. Cannot be combined with insurance or other offers. Must mention this ad at time of scheduling.


    Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry

    If you’re missing one or more teeth, you’re aware of what the gap in your smile looks and feels like, as well as how it can impact your ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. But, are you aware of what’s happening beneath the surface?

    When a tooth is lost, the root follows suit, leaving your jawbone with an empty space that will cause deterioration from a lack of stimulation. This can cause a sunken-in facial appearance and a serious decline in oral and overall health.

    Dental implants are a superb way to replace missing teeth because they mimic your tooth roots, prevent jawbone deterioration, look and feel like your natural teeth, and can last a lifetime!


    Includes exam and necessary x-rays. No cash value. Cannot be combined with insurance or other offers. Must mention this ad at time of scheduling.


    If you or a loved one snore chronically, you’re probably aware of how difficult this seemingly small problem can make it to achieve restful sleep. What you may be less aware of is how this could be a symptom of a problem that isn’t so small after all.

    Obstructive sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that afflicts an estimated 25 million Americans. It occurs as a result of your airway being partially or completely blocked during sleep.

    When the Quality of Your Sleep Suffers

    Frequent day-time drowsiness

    Morning headaches

    Dry mouth and/or sore throat upon awakening

    High blood pressure

    Mood changes, depression, and/or anxiety

    You deserve to sleep soundly, and if the thought of having to wear a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine makes seeking treatment more discouraging, Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry may have a solution for you in the form of a comfortable, customized oral appliance.


    We know that dental anxiety keeps a lot of patients from coming to see us – instead of taking it personally, we provide options for patients that can make appointments as pleasant and painless as possible. We offer light, mid-level, and deep sedation. The methods used will vary based on your individual needs, which we will always be attentive to.

    We’re happy to answer any of your questions regarding sedation dentistry, and even happier to remove your fears of the dentist!